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Brilliant post by She Dances With Spoons – all about the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis lifestyle ✨🌱💪

She Dances with Spoons

The universe has a benevolence that wantsus to live

As I sat there, a single face among a group of 37 other MS warriors, I became transfixed by the sentence. Here I was listening to the harrowing, sometimes gut wrenching but ultimately hope-filledstory of our facilitator’s life that brought her to that very point in time, and that single sentence decided to glue itself to my heart – Tarzan grip style.

In that moment I felt hope.

I greeted hope for what she was; the ship that had carried me this far without me acknowledging it until that point, thinking I was really being moved along by sheer grit.

Hope is the single most powerful and intangible gift I took away with me from the Gawler Foundation’s Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis retreat in the Yarra Valley.


The tools , knowledge and awareness I had consumed throughout the week had equipped…

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A Child-Approved Green Veg Risotto

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Deliciously Ella’s Hazelnut and Raisin Energy Balls

I thought it was time for a foodie post, and what better recipe to share but this one from Deliciously Ella: her Hazelnut and Raisin Energy Balls. I'm always on the look-out for plant-based treats and this one is lovely.  Although you can buy Nakd bars and the like, there is something very satisfying about going… Continue reading Deliciously Ella’s Hazelnut and Raisin Energy Balls

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An Honest Post on Preparing For a New Year with Chronic Illness

I've been thinking about my first blog post of 2017 for some time now... churning over ideas in my head about what I would like to write about.  Should I tell you about my new year's resolutions? Should I reflect on what 2016 was to me?  Or perhaps take a different slant and talk about… Continue reading An Honest Post on Preparing For a New Year with Chronic Illness